About Me

The thing is I'm still getting to know me.


I have an E.T. tattoo on my *phone home* finger (yes, from the famous Steven Spielberg movie) because I always felt a bit lost in this world. I always felt a bit alien in this world but too human for any other place in the universe. 


But I guess I'll start with giving you a sum up of all the places I grew up. I was born in the big city of Tokyo in 1999 and by the age of  2 and a half, I moved to sunny California to then move to Italy two years later. By the age of 9, I moved to France and lived in a little city surrounded by mountains called Grenoble. For my sophomore year, I decided to move in with my best friend and her family in California for a year to then move to Malta to finish off my last two years of high school. I then moved to the Netherlands to get a bachelor's degree in psychology only to have to quit after two months due to my mental health. Currently, I still live in the Netherlands working on my mental health, writing books, making art and working on more projects I hope to be sharing with you all soon.

My ethnicity?


By blood, I am fully Japanese but my soul feels more European than anything after spending most of my life in Europe. 


Where do I call home?


I think home can be interpreted in so many ways but to me, home is planet earth. Where exactly on earth? I'm still searching for a place I can call my home. 


Why did I start this blog? 


I feel like this world lacks transparency and honesty so I wanted to create a safe space where we can be honest with each other in hopes to help, bring awareness to or inspire someone. I also wanted a platform in which I could write about issues that concern our planet and issues that are very dear to my heart. 


My personal goals in life


I hope to reach a place in my life where I am mentally stable, can feel genuine happiness, feel comfortable in my own skin, and can help others and our beautiful planet. 


Goals with this blog


I hope to be able to bring awareness of issues that can no longer be ignored.

I hope that sharing my mental health journey will help someone understand,

help someone cope or inspire someone to better care for their mind, body, and heart.


How do I cope with my mental health? 


Check out the Mental Health page to read about my mental health story and journey, as well as how I cope and other useful information related to it! 


Need a book to read?

You should check out my book "Healing Heart" - a collection of prose and poetry finding light, self-acceptance, and love in darkness. A book about mental health and the journey of healing. 


More of a visual and auditory person? 


Don't worry, I got your back!

I invite you to check out my Youtube Channel: here  :)


Thank you for being here. 


With love, 

Mila xx 




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Youtube: @lifestylebymila

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