Healing Heart

by m.i.writings

I was going through a really hard period in my life. I was at a point where I was truly ready to end my suffering, but with the help of professionals, my loved ones, medication, music, art, yoga, and writing I was able to turn my pain into healing. I decided that I wanted to put everything I had learned in the past year into a book for those who are also going through a similar journey. 

Healing Heart is an interactive workbook with creative and effective exercises for you to implement into your daily life. It is divided into four stages taking you through the journey of healing starting with the hurting, and ending with the flowering and blossoming. There are no guidelines to this book - please feel free to do as you wish with this book. You may color every page, draw on it, write on it, tear it apart, dance with it and make art with it. 

Healing Heart is a book for those who have been through darkness, those who have a wounded inner child, a broken heart and are searching for light. It's about accepting yourself, loving yourself, and all the broken pieces inside of you. It's about growing flowers in all the hurt places and turning the pain into something beautiful. It's about embracing all of our experiences, both good and bad, because they make us who we are, and we should be proud to be the person we have become. It's about how our mental and physical scars tell a story. Life is a treacherous journey and it's impossible not to get hurt through it. So grow flowers in your heart to heal all your wounds. Find light in the darkness, find love in hatred, find hope is hopelessness. 


I hope this book helps you, encourages you, supports you.

I hope you can find light through it.

I hope you can find yourself in it.​

A big warm hug, 

Mila xx

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