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20 Things I've Learned Through my 20 Years of Life

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I decided to share with you a little reflection I wrote this morning about 20 things I've learned throughout my life so far. Still got a looooot to learn though..

Oh, fun fact: I'm an Earth Day baby (Happy Earth Day my Earthlings) :)

#1. It’s impossible to please and have everyone like you - so forget about what others think of you. You are on your own - learn to love and please *your* heart and soul. Do what makes *you* happy and radiate that energy. Only then will it attract exactly the kind of people you need around you.

#2. Every single person has a story. Try to understand their past and their story, and you will understand a person’s actions, thoughts and beliefs.

#3. There’s nothing more important than self care. If your body or mind is broken, your life will crumble. So never forget to take care of yourself. You can’t fully love if you don’t love yourself first. You must learn how to love by loving yourself before you can accept love from someone else.

#4. People can’t read your mind. Ask for help. Speak your mind. Stand your ground.

#5. Confidence is key. You must build confidence in order to truly do and be what you what. But too much confidence is destructive. Stay humble. Stay balanced.

#6. Life is about balance. Your body is about balance. Your mind is about balance. Keep yourself balanced.

#7. Travel to expand your understanding of the world. Deepen your perception of the world.

#8. This planet we live on is dying. Our home is dying. We need to take action before we lose our beautiful planet.

#9. Life’s hard. Life will punch you. It will kick you, strangle you, break you. But you. You are stronger than all of it.

#10. There’s nothing more therapeutic than music.

#11. Don’t lose moments. Experience each moment with full attention and focus. Get so caught up in a moment that you get lost in it.

#12. Read. Keep learning. There’s infinite stuff to learn about. Nourish your mind.

#13. We take advantage of things that need to be appreciated more, like drinkable water, the sun for keeping our bodies warm, for plants feeding our body.

#14. Do yoga and meditate to calm your body and mind, to get in tune with your core and ground yourself.

#15. Some people are bitter because life was bitter to them. But choose to not dwell in bitterness if life’s been bitter to you. Choose to grow from the pain, choose to become stronger from the pain, choose to make art with your pain.

#16. Sit on rooftops and stargaze. Let the moonlight recharge your soul.

#17. This world lacks honesty and transparency. So let’s be honest with each other. That’s the first step to understanding each other so we can help make the world a better place.

#18. There’s no point in violence or arguments. Use your words, instead of fists and words of venom. Only then will things actually be solved.

#19. Mental health issues cannot be fixed with positive reinforcement, with speed or with medications. It takes time, effort, help, support and patience.

#20. Love is a universal language. Use it more.

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