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Things you can do on the daily to help care and save our planet.

In honor of earth day, I wanted to share with you 22 things you can be doing everyday to help care for Earth. Now there is so much more that can be done but here are just a few to start with!


If you want to be environmentally friendly, the best way is by going vegan. Here's why

#2. Buy less. Go visit your local thrift stores or check out the handful of second hand platforms online.

#3. Recycle. Don't dump everything together. Take the time to separate plastic with plastic, paper with paper, glass with glass and so on.. (Bonus: Wash and reuse jars - they're super useful whether it's to store seeds, nuts, liquids, or even use as a cute jar mug/cup).

#4. Choose to bicycle, walk or take public transportation. Try to avoid using your car as much as you can.

#5. Buy from eco-friendly companies.

#6. Bring your own reusable grocery bag every time you go grocery shopping. (Tip: always carry one with you no matter where you go, they're super handy)

#7. Ditch ziplock bags and go for reusable containers when storing food.

#8. Buy local to save energy that would be wasted on transportation. Or better yet, start growing your own food.

#9. Get compact fluorescent light bulbs - they use fraction of the energy and will last you eight times longer.

#10. Coffee addict? Get yourself a reusable coffee mug or tumbler and use that instead of paper and polystyrene cups.

#11. Don't throw away your old stuff! Donate them to a local charity or thrift store to give it a second life.

#12. Take short showers. There's no need to take long showers or baths.

#13. Cold? Don't turn your heating up, put on double socks, sweaters and snuggle up in a blanket.

#14. Get rid of the dryer and invest in a rack or a clothesline.

#15. Use old newspaper as wrapping paper instead of wasting money and paper on gift wrapping.

#16. Get rid of plastic water bottles - get yourself a reusable water bottle you can use on the daily.

#17. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth. Don't let the faucet running in general if you aren't using it!!

#18. Why not shower with your partner? Save water!

#19. Opt for e-tickets, receipts sent to your mail, etc. (go digital if you can to avoid wasting paper).

#20. Use rechargeable batteries! The corrosive acid in used batteries is extremely damaging to our planet's soil.

#21. Plant your own tree and plants.

#22. Encourage other people to do the same!


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