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Vegan Food Around San Francisco

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Being vegan when you're traveling can be a little tricky which is why I decided to try a few vegan places around the bay area while I was visiting so that I could share my finds with you! I took beautiful and yummy pictures but sadly my other phone broke and all my pictures got lost :( Sooooo I collected a few pics I found online instead! I also included the website link to these places so you can check out their menu and closest location to you if you are interested!


Best burgers I've ever had AND THEY'RE VEGAN

My friend I was visiting found this gem of a place while researching vegan places to eat for me. Everything on their menu is 100% plant-based and so damn yummy! They have a whole variety of burgers and different flavored fries, as well as different lemonade flavors (if you're a lemonade fan). It's found on Haight Street which is a very artsy, hippie and unique street to explore with funky shops and a lot of street art, so would definitely 10/10 recommend checking out!



Fluffiest pancakes I've ever had AND THEY'RE VEGAN

So I went acrobranching in Santa Cruz with some friends and for lunch they took me to this cute little diner place. Everything on their menu is 100% vegetarian (sadly not all vegan yet) but they had a lot of vegan choices as well as gluten free options! Saturn Cafe offers a variety of food choices from burrito wraps, sandwiches, pancakes to amazing homemade lemonade. The pancakes were literally the best pancakes I had ever tasted, I couldn't believe they were vegan! And the homemade lemonade... perfection! 10/10 would recommend this place!

Cute story about this place. So the day I went, the diner was severely understaffed because everyone called in sick, except for this sweet lady called Barbie. She was running the whole diner on her own so it took her a bit until she reached our table but when she came she apologized and thanked us for our patience. I felt so bad for her, I asked her if I could maybe help her out for the day but she insisted it was okay. Instead she offered all of us drinks on the house and immensely thanked us for our patience and understanding - a sweet sweet soul :')



True Food Kitchen is also another place where they offer vegan options. They're menu is not fully vegan or vegetarian but they had a handful of vegan options such as salads, B.L.T. style sandwiches replaced with tempeh, pizzas, etc. I tried their T.L.T. with half a side of their kale salad and half a side of sweet potato hash browns. SO GOOD! Now, I haven't had bacon in a long time so I might be wrong but they definitely did a very good job at making the T.L.T. taste like a B.L.T.



Aesthetically pleasing coffee and BEST AVOCADO TOAST

Let me tell you about this adorable place called Home Cafe in SF. They do beautiful art coffee (you can choose to get yours vegan with almond, oat or soy milk) with unique flavors like lavender, cookie monster, etc. Then they have their amazing toasts, both sweet and savory. They use pain de mie for the sweet toasts so sadly it's not vegan BUT do go for the savory toasts made with sourdough bread! I had the avo-cuddle toast and my oh my was it heavenly. If you're an avocado fan, you will love it! Avocado on sourdough bread with seasoned rucola and tomatoes and a beautiful artsy coffee on the side - YES!




There is nothing better than walking into a restaurant and being told everything on the menu is vegan - YES! :) They have everything from vegan burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, milkshakes and desserts! And your tastebuds wouldn't even believe it's all vegan!




When I lived in California, I lived in Burlingame so this place is a place that has been there since I was little. Now, this place is not vegan or vegetarian but they do have an amazing falafel wrap with hummus. It comes with their special sauce on the side but since it is yogurt based, for you vegans out there, order it without the special sauce ;)



You must try the lavender elderflower lemonade!

Lemonade is known for it's delicious lemonades and their simple but yummy and healthy food. While they're not fully vegan or vegetarian, they do offer some vegan choices. You can also choose to sample some stuff before making your order which is always good for the indecisive people like me!

P.S. Oh and do try their lavender elderflower lemonade! So refreshing and goood!



Okay so this place isn't vegan or vegetarian per say but they do have an amazing veggie wrap called 39 Veggie Tale Wrap with a bit of spice to it. My belly was fulfilled. Also if you do end up checking this place out, their Apple, cucumber, kale, celery and ginger juice was great too - just the right balance of everything!



Vegan smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowl lover like me? Then get your butt to Bare. They have a bunch of different types of smoothie bowls and yummy smoothies with chia seeds, cacao nibs, spirulina, etc... I believe you can even choose to create your own smoothie bowl if you can't find one that suits you!



All Vegan Sweets

I walked into this place asking if they had any vegan options to be answered with "everything here is vegan" (Happiness in one sentence)

They're famous for their vegan cinnamon buns - you can either get their pre-made flavors or build one yourself in which you get to choose the frosting and toppings. Again, I've never been a huge fan of sweet stuff including cinnamon buns but this one was delicious!




WholeFoods was my best friend throughout my two weeks. Here's why: they have the best donuts I've ever had (the crumbly donut literally melts in your mouth - I daydream about these donuts), and they have so many other vegan treats and food! While you will find vegan food in other grocery stores, WholeFoods definitely has the most variety of vegan and organic choices. They have a whole section for vegan ice cream (never seen so much vegan ice cream in one place) as well as a section of already made food (a lot of vegan choices) you can package up and eat immediately!

I hope this little guide will be of help to you! Or better yet, inspire you to try these amazing vegan places around the Bay Area!

Bon appetit!


Mila xx

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